Do you want to get ahead before the new year starts?

Do you think back to the beginning of the year with a bit of regret. 

Does it get you slightly annoyed at yourself for yet again not having achieved what you set out to? 

Do you even know what it was that you wanted to do this year?

Do you look ahead to the new year with angst, fear and doubt? 

Are you ready to really, truly do things differently and achieve your goals in 2019? 

Do you want to make leaps and bounds in your life AND business? Make a start, stay on track, heck even get ahead?! 

How good would that be? 

I get it - I truly do. 

I've been there, many times.

Saying I'll do xyz and then ... crickets. Sabotage. Inaction. 

How very frustrating. 

Do you want to know what often (usually, mostly, almost always) is the root cause of inaction and lack of progress? 

It's the lack of goal setting, planning, and measuring of progress that is ultimately stopping us from taking efficient, difference-making action. 

That's why I've created my new Planning Workshop

An in-person small group workshop to get you started to achieve your goals for 2019 ahead of time. 

How good would it feel to be prepared and know what's coming and what you need to do for once? 

I want to show you how you can plan your year in a way that will leave little room for surprises but enough wriggle room for when they show up regardless. 

We need to look at the whole picture in order to get as close to balance and overall success and "happiness" as possible. 

I will help you consider "the lot" and put it all into one cohesive picture. 

This is what we'll be covering:

Recap the year that's been - celebrate the wins, mourn the lows, conclude, lay it to rest and then move on. 

Goals - know what you want to achieve, turn your wildest dreams into specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely goals. 

Strategy - put the strategy, KPIs and deadlines in place to have a tangible, clearly laid out plan as to how to achieve your goals. 

Numbers - knowledge is power, and not knowing is like stabbing around in the dark. Find your number - consider everything - then go and get it. 

Routines, routines, routines - figure out what works best for you, write it down, nail it. 

Mindset - our mind is the most powerful component in all of this, it can help us achieve our highest goals but can also make us fall hard and long. 

This workshop is for:

Women entrepreneurs who are driven, compassionate, motivated and determined who want to make a difference in: 

Their personal life 
Their business 
Their clients and customers life and business

Multi-passionate women - often running several businesses at once

Women who are juggling organising business, family, home, husband, animals and so forth

Business owners who have been in business for a couple of years and have a good idea of who their clients are. 

Women who want MORE! 

Women who are questioning the status quo

Women who are ready to do things differently in order to get different results. 


Tuesday 11th December 

9.30 - 2.30

In person, small group workshop; 

Coffee, snacks and lunch provided 

Meraki Workspace, 32 Victoria Street, Cambridge

Investment $247 (plus Gst.)

What you'll get out of it:

Practical Advice on how to get stuff done; staying motivated and accountable 

Actual time to put the work in and get your planning for 2019 done 

Set clear goals, KPIs and deadlines to be able to track your progress throughout the year 

A great group environment; be able to bounce ideas off, get others opinions and feed off the motivated energy in the room


Templates galore

Social media monthly schedule template 

Planning templates - weekly, monthly and quarterly routines 

Your ideal day and week template 

Stats tracking - to keep you measuring the important stuff 

Plus get your next 1:1 2 hour Strategy Session with me for only $197 instead of $247. (plus Gst). 

What are you waiting for?

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