Are you a busy women entrepreneur?

Have you been in business for a while and overall things are going ok? 

But sometimes you fall into the trap of overwhelm, you feel unfocussed or you're stuck in the rut of the everyday stuff? 

You feel called for more, you know things could be bigger, better, easier but you just don't know how to get there? 

You like to grow your business, make more money to afford your lifestyle and help and support more people but you feel you can't overcome that hurdle that's in front of you?

The issue is:

You just don't know where to start, you're feeling a lot of fear and resistance around it and you keep getting stuck? 

You feel overwhelmed by everything that's out there, all the things you "should" be doing? 

You feel lonely, isolated and often ponder if going into employment would be so much easier. 

You want someone in your corner, cheering you on, giving you the occasional kick-in-the-behind to get you going, to bounce ideas of, to steer you in the right direction?

1:1 coaching might be the answer

Coaching works best when both parties commit to a longer term relationship. 

This allows us to dive deep on the big picture dream you're wanting to turn into reality. 

To set goals to be achieved, KPIs to measure and track your progress over time and to create a strategy to action. 

I can also follow up on things you've said you were going to do and hold you accountable.

I can pull you up on repetitive (negative) behaviour you might not be aware of and question excuses you are repeatedly using to sabotage yourself and hinder your progress. 

All our sessions are catered to your needs so you get out exactly what you need at that moment in time. 

This is NOT a cookie-cutter approach and I'm not going to run through a set schedule with you. 

I'm there to help you discover what you didn't know you knew, you're there to tell me where to look. 

You already have all the answers - I'm just here to help you find them. 

How is my coaching different?!

I have several years experience of running a successful Virtual Assistance business, specialising in online marketing. I have started and are currently running three businesses. I'm the definition of a multi-passionate entrepreneur and know what it's like to be drawn in several directions at the same time. 

I am a mum of three, with a shift-working husband, living as far away from my family as possible (actually true). I know the struggle can be so so real! 

I know the how-to not just the theory. I can help you figure out some of the techy stuff that might be boulders for you in your way to success at the moment. 

I am a recovering procrastinator and are the queen of silly excuses and self-sabotage. You won't be able to fool me! 

My advise is practical and hands on. 

My approach is one of compassion and honesty. Gentle yet direct. 

I offer 3 or 6 month long coaching packages

Express - 3 month package

Are you in a hurry? 

Want to see results RIGHT NOW? 

Do you have the focus, capacity and resources to put the work in intensely? 

Then this "Express" package might be for you. 

Weekly 60 minute sessions 

Weekly session summary and homework for you 

Regular ongoing tracking during the week 

Hands-on email support throughout the week as needed 

Investment; $600 a month (plus Gst). 

In-depth 6 month package

Want a long term relationship building with your coach? 

Are you already pretty flat out with your commitments?  

Do you want longer term support to work on your big picture? 

Then this "In-depth" 6 month package might be for you. 

Fortnightly 60 minute sessions 

Fortnightly session summary and homework 

Regular ongoing progress tracking 

Hands-on email support as needed

Investment; $300 a month (plus Gst). 



Either weekly or Fortnightly 60 minute sessions 

Connect via zoom or in person in Cambridge 

(Recorded so you can listen back to it - only applies to sessions via zoom) 

Session summary and homework 

Regular check in and tracking your progress 

Email support throughout the week where necessary 


All my clients get access to my closed Facebook group

Discounted rates for future workshops 

The most important thing right now is that if you feel like you need to do something, go ahead and book your first session now. 

Don't over-think this, don't give into your fear and resistance. 

In fact, the more fear and resistance you're feeling the more that means you need to do this. 

This is the right thing for you to do. 

The thing that will help move you forward, gain clarity and focus and get you one step closer to achieving your goals and dreams. 


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