I know how hard it is to juggle it all, because I've been there and I'm going through the same struggles and challenges as you.

Hey mummy,

You might be wondering who I am and why I want to help mumpreneurs to build and grow their business. 

Here is my story: 

I came to New Zealand and the young age of 19 and quickly met my kiwi-partner Rod, we soon settled together and I started studying what I thought was my passion of Tourism to later settle for the more sensible choice of Accounting.

I had my first daughter at 23 – in the middle of university, in fact I sat exams 4 weeks after giving birth to her … yes that was a great time. After a year of being a mum and trying to complete my degree, being somewhat unhappy in the country we were living in, not quite knowing where to go and what to do, feeling lost and alone, we sat down, created a plan of how the next few years would work out… yes all good, all ready, full steam ahead… and along came our son. A bit sooner than anticipated and of course not at all what the plan had set but welcome nonetheless. This time I paused a semester to give myself time to adjust to being a mum of two – no, one semester was not enough but we made it work and I completed my degree. 

After another couple of years, we then went back home to Germany to live there for a little bit, while there we decided to buy a lifestyle block outside of Cambridge and started building our house – while still overseas. We sold our house and moved into a caravan on our building site once we were back in New Zealand. Living in a caravan with two pre-school kids and a dog was fun. No actually it was quite fun.

To top it all off, I also decided during that time to start my first business.

Over a couple of years, I’d grown this into a very successful wee business, bringing in the money I wanted. However, I kinda always knew it wasn’t my calling and didn’t fulfil me fully on a mental and emotional level. Plus I had the feeling it was taking away from me what I actually wanted out of my life and why I had created my businesses for in the first place.

I was stuck with client deadlines and expectations (sometimes unrealistic ones), I said yes to things I didn’t actually want to do (talking about accepting job just for the money), making me feel not good enough, not disciplined enough, fake and general creating a really low self esteem. 

At some point I plugged up all the courage and actually admitted to myself what it was I actually wanted to do.

I wanted to help people, support other mums to go for their dreams.

I show them that:

Yes you can build a business around your needs. 

Yes, you can actually have it all – being a dedicated “full-time” mum and run a very successful business, 

A business that pays what you’re worth. 

That allows you to have flexibility, go to school assembly, to hustle but to also take it easy. 

That fulfills you in terms of what you’re doing. 

That plays on your strengths and not your weaknesses. 

A business and life that works on your terms – not the other way around.

​So I made the decision to quit most of my clients – and to go after my dream of coaching people. I became a certified coach in transformative coaching.

Fast forward a couple of months, along came an amazing opportunity – no actually that didn’t just come along, it was rather that I heard a calling and decided to go for it. 

A wee passion project of mine, and together with a friend and business partner, we have since created Meraki Workspace - a coworking space – allowing me to have a physical space for local entrepreneurs and business owners to come together to create, connect and collaborate. 

It’s a wonderful space but it has taken a lot longer and more time and effort than anticipated – talking about unrealistic expectations and goal settings... 

In the meantime, I also started another business together with my partner, who also has a full-time job besides that. 

In the midst of all those businesses, with my two older kids being at school now, I had another baby, which made me a mum of three at 32. 

Sometimes I can’t quite belief that.

Anyway, that basically sums up the last decade or so of my life and tells you where I’ve been and what I’ve done. 

I can tell you from being a virtual assistant for a few years, running my own successful business and starting a couple of businesses from scratch – all while, studying, moving between countries, building a house, and having and raising three children I know what #strugglewiththejuggle is all about.

Now, in my coaching I lead my clients to the answers they already have within them, I try to find out what’s really beneath all the layers and get them to voice it and own it. 

Then we move on and find the practical ways of how to make that truth a reality and create the life they’re after – on their own terms. 

All our lives are unique and so are the challenges we are faced with. However, I believe that the tools we need to deal with the challenges are the same. Sometimes we can’t see them though as we are busy working and dealing with the difficulties of everyday life, being a mum, running a household, making business work – the technical side of things but also and sometimes more challenging and important – the mental and emotional side of things.

Mindset is so unbelievable important but often gets ignored or overlooked; it gets put on the backburner as we feel the practical challenges are “more urgent”. But I tell you what, if you work on your mindset and get the tools to set you up correctly from the start, then it will become easier to tackle those everyday challenges. And there will be less of it. 

I’m here to share with you how I struggle with the juggle and what I do to struggle a bit less or at least make the juggle bearable. I want to share practical advice with you and maybe open up a new view for you so you can see what’s possible if you set your mind to it.

Now that I've blurbed so much about myself, I'd love to find out more about you. 

If you're saying yes to any of these: 

  • You're feeling overwhelmed by the juggle of motherhood, household and business
  • You're feeling pulled in all directions and stretched far too thin 
  • You don't know what to focus on (first) 
  • You don't know how to make best use of the limited time available to you 
  • You want to create a life you're proud of living 

Then book a session with me today. 

This is a no-strings attached 30 minute free session in which I listen to where you're at, where you'd like to go and then share practical tips and tricks to help you get there. 


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